Track & Trust – The Satellite-Powered Supply Chain Solution

Track & Trust  – the satellite-powered supply chain solution by Datarella is coming! Track & Trust combines a set of modern Web3, communication, and satellite technologies and aims to address major unsolved challenges of today’s supply chains. Once completed, it seeks to prove its reliability in the most challenging regions of the world.

The supply chain industry is facing massive changes through technological evolution. Led by Datarella, a consortium with our partners Weaver Labs and OroraTech has realized the opportunity to merge blockchain, network and satellite technologies to create a unique supply chain solution that meets the actual needs of its users. With its investment in Track & Trust, the European Space Agency (ESA) underlines the potential of this unique project. We at Datarella are proud of the progress the project has made since its kick-off in 2021. Track & Trust is currently in its late development phase and is scheduled to be ready for deployment by 2023!

What makes Track & Trust so innovative?
Today’s delivery processes face complex challenges – especially when dealing with crisis scenarios involving aid supplies and when the technical conditions on the ground are poor, but the demands for reliability and accountability are high. Logistics companies and humanitarian organizations, like our partner Aid Pioneers, are then faced with the challenge of coordinating aid supplies in regions where the communications infrastructure has most likely been destroyed. To ensure that goods arrive where they are supposed to, sufficient transparency, especially in these remote and disconnected areas, is required. Ultimately, it is not only a matter of transmitting information about the aid supplies but also of ensuring authentic undistorted data that reflects the actual facts on the ground.

What impact can Track & Trust have?
With the help of satellite technology and network technology, we intend to span the Internet over those separate areas that have no or insufficient Internet connection due to the crisis. In other words, we are putting a lot of effort into tracking deliveries right down to the last mile, which is unique in this way. Emerging from such a challenging demonstration, Track & Trust ultimately proves its suitability for any commercial application. Track & Trust holds the potential to change the logistics industry by increasing efficiency, transparency, and security.

So, it stays exciting! Stay tuned for updates on Track & Trust!