360° High-Res Supply Chain Tracking

Seamless Tracking for Risk Mitigation: Track & Trust provides 360° high-resolution visibility, even without connectivity. Mitigate risks, avoid losses, and ensure accurate data throughout your supply chain.

Resilience for Supply Chain Success

Track & Trust is a game-changer redefining connectivity in supply chains. With its ability to collect and transmit information in situations without connectivity, Track & Trust is Applied Space – it sets a new standard in the industry. 

Track & Trust ensures uninterrupted tracking, delivering comprehensive 360° high-resolution visibility across your supply chain. No more data gaps or uncertainties—Track & Trust provides the reliability and control you need with its robust mesh network and satellite communication backup.

Track & Trust helps to optimize your operations, mitigate risks, and drive efficiency. Discover the power of seamless connectivity, explore Track & Trust today!

Product Features

Track & Trust Highlights

Network Resilience

IoT-Mesh Network with Satellite backup provides a 360° data coverage 

Offline Capacity

Secure offline data storage, anywhere and anytime – until connectivity is available

Single Point of Truth

 Authentic data is stored immutably in the blockchain


Privacy-preserving with state-of-the-art encryption


Ready- to-use, seamlessy integrated data availability with real-time status updates

The Track & Trust Advantage

Companies incur over $600 billion annually due to the consequences of bad, inaccurate, dirty, or missing data. The year 2021 witnessed prominent headlines on supply chain disruptions, leading to a staggering $228 million loss in the United States alone. In the face of challenges such as shortages, bottlenecks, and seasonal demands, Track & Trust provides an optimal solution that effectively mitigates risk and prevents loss.

Track & Trust is a cost-effective tracking solution that provides 360° high-resolution tracking capabilities. Leveraging satellite communication, IoT mesh networks, sensor data, and blockchain technology, Track & Trust effectively tackles various supply chain challenges across logistics, mobility, real estate, and agriculture sectors.

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