Track & Trust 360° Supply Chain Tracking


360° Global Supply Chain Tracking

Knowing the exact whereabouts and securing the environments of valuable goods throughout their supply chains is critical in global production, manufacturing, and trade scenarios.

Datarella has developed and tested TRACK & TRUST, a fully digitized, secure, reliable, and efficient tracking solution for valuable goods on their supply chain journeys in cooperation with leading aid development agencies and logistics partners.

  • Last mile tracking with no blind spots
    The advanced tracking technology of TRACK & TRUST enables you to stay updated on the location of your shipments, even when the network connection is weak or non-existent.
  • Secure data with blockchain technology
    Our blockchain technology ensures all data is securely stored and encrypted, protecting your sensitive shipment details from any unauthorized access.
  • Real-time analytics, right at your fingertips
    Gain insights into your shipments like never before with our easy-to-use dashboard that displays detailed analytics in real-time.
  • Peace of mind – wherever you deliver to
    Our state-of-the-art mobile app puts all the power of TRACK & TRUST in the hands of anyone who processes your shipments so you can monitor them anytime, anywhere!